anne number of 3 thoughts in"nickname"

Is\/Anne number of commemorating the 30th anniversary of the buyer's career? The"nickname"I made!
I would like to introduce three thoughts to this"nickname".

1.1 What I want to wear ... I can't recommend it to anyone. Imagine yourself when you wear it, make the clothes interesting, and deliver such a fun time and energy ... Clothes are the outermost contents of you, your strong ally, yourself who longs for something An opportunity to remember ❣️ Like when I was absorbed in reading"Redhead Anne Anne".

1.2 Aggressive"warm back"... Sold out soon after it arrived, or that clothes that couldn't be added ... I want it too. I will reproduce it with exactly the same specifications or a little design to my liking. Nice clothes that came out to the world ... I want to tell as many people as possible, and I want to wear them too. (Added 2021.03.24)

Of course, clothes that are carefully made one by one are good, and clothes that are kind to your saifu are also nice! But the balance between sewing and price is important ❣️ Country of origin ... I wonder if it doesn't really matter. However, it is better to have a small production lot! It's better to have a little more ...

"I have to make the bean paste myself"The main character of the movie"An". For"Anne ...", I have to buy, make, and convey the clothes I want to wear ... ❣️, I can't make clothes, so a fabric shop and a sewing factory who make a little commitment to"clothes", Maker! Nice to meet you!

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