anne number of 3 thoughts in"nickname"

Anne number of is a nickname created to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the buyer's career.nickname!

I would like to introduce three thoughts to this nickname.

I can't recommend it to people unless I want to wear it. Imagine yourself when you wear it and make your clothes interesting. I want to deliver such a fun time and energy. Clothes are my outermost contents. My strong ally. Like when I was crazy about Anne of Green Gables, a chance to remember myselfe.

Of course, clothes that are carefully made one by one are good, and clothes that are kind to wallets are also nice, but the balance between sewing and price is important. It's too lateぎたる尚及ばざるが如し…

「If you have to make the bean paste yourself, the main character of the movie, Anne, must first purchase and convey the clothes that you want to wear. I can't make clothes, so I can't make clothes. Thank youさん、メーカーさん!よろしくお願いしま~す!

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