"Mom, lend me this skirt"

Do you remember?

Skirts introduced in the spring of 2018。

When serializing in the WEB magazine living and fashionable editing room、「You don't have to force your clothes around!」The skirt I was wearing when I declared that I had the striped skirt made for the first time in a whileた。

「Mom told me to lend this skirt, and when I saw Musume wearing it, I realized the goodness of this skirt again.

And since I came up with a plan to coordinate with the current clothes that I could not do in 2018, I asked him to make it again・

The new name is a striped skirt for the first time in a while」

Just the right stripe width to avoid overdoing this。

And a faint navy。

Thanks to this, you can show it as it is just by matching the plain tops without thinking deeply。

Waist is full elastic and stretches quite a bit。

So it's okay to eat too much lol…

For coordination points that get dark in winter、

In summer, I wear it all year round with white T.す。

Anne number of striped skirt for the first time in a while by BLUELAKE MARKETET