The vest that the vice-principal wore in knit

Anne number of ATTARANA best koraiiwa /a/

I've always wanted a fleece vest。
Isn't it light, warm and convenient??
But it doesn't look good so I wore it at home lol笑

Fleece has many sports-like designsら、
It doesn't look good on me as I usually wear it.。
I want a fleece vest that I can wear proudly.…
That's right, if you make it with my own design, the fleece vest should look goodず!
This is the best I made。
The image is classic。
Do you know the best that the vice-principal wore in knit?か?)

My first voice when the sample was made
「This is the Nagaoka dialect that I like長岡弁です。
That's why the product name is also Koraiwa Best lol」…笑。

The fabric is an anti-pilling fleece fleece that does not easily become pillsす。
I wanted to wear it under a jacket or cardigan to protect against the cold、
If anything, a thin fleece, of course, you can wear it on topす。
Can be used for both room wear and outing wear。

The length is a little short so that it can be matched with loose pants and skirts.。

I was particular about the size of the pocket。
I put my smartphone in and I can see the top a little。
It is a group that does not leave a smartphone in the pocket。
This size because I wanted to put it in my pocket temporarily and take it out quickly。
I'm sorry I'm completely personalized hereん。
But it's finished in a cute size!

There are 2 sizes。
The first purpose was to wear it under the jacket, so I planned it in just the right size.。
But I also want to wear it over Adachi-san and Yurume's shirtね…
I want it to be one size larger…
I decided to make 2 sizes next to itた。
Both sizes are goodーわ」。